Twilight Guardians is no longer actively playing as a collective group on any server.

Any old TGer who wishes to acces forums to chat to old friends please apply (simple application) for access and someone will approve asap.

These forums will be around as long as guildlaunch is around, although rapid raid and the file library will cease, I therefore advise downloading any addons you want to keep.

Our home was on Bloodcraft Blizz Clone server. We strived to build a legacy of end game goals,  meet friends, and overall have a good time. We were a group of gamers from all walks of life, come together because we all have at least two things in common - we like to have fun and we like to raid (hell, sometimes we even do both at the same time!).

We laughed, we cried, we made sick jokes, and TG knew how to get things done, and will be friends for life.


The Story of the Twilight Guardians
Originally writtent by Juke, updated and revised by Father

The true origins of the Twilight Guardians is unknown.  Their record keeping starts with my memories of adventuring throughout all of Azeroth and Outlands.  So let the story begin!

Twilight Guardians was originally a group of admins on the Knights Legion Realm who often played together.  It wasnt until the server had many people raid ready that they started recruiting.  I was one of the first non-admin members to join the guild and it was my first character ever playing as well, so when someone did come online, I had tons of questions for them.  Many of us learned a great amount under the tutelage of Athena, our guild master, as well as how to conduct ourselves as we were looked up to by others.  In no time we were farming BT and Hyjal as well as having guild wars around the world.  Because of a no longer supported EMU, as well as a corrupted character database, the owners decided to delete it all and start from scratch on a new EMU.  Many disagreed with their decision, so the Twilight Guardians ventured off to find another server.  Athena chose to stay, as well as a few others, but from time to time they pop in to say hello to everyone.  After looking around for a new home...we stumbled upon Dethpod and thus our adventures continued on.

Dethpod had just been opened up to the general public when the Twilight Guardians moved there...thus they took the server by storm.  We all lvl'd together and raided together in order to get back to the status we had on the previous realm.  Much horde slaying was to be had as well working together to lvl professions in order to make the guild what it once was.  Many wars broke out and many times we prevailed.  In the end, the change of the server from PVP to PVE was to blame for such a strong guild to leave yet another server.  However, many of its members were ready to leave because of the unfair treatment given to people who donated vs those who didnt by the server owner and head admin.  Others were ready to leave because after a core update, much of the scripting was lost and there was no challenge there left. Hyjal and BT were farmed regularly each weekend and all the others during the week.  Others were ready for a change because a lot of talents and skills didnt work.  After a lot of researching for a new home, the leaders of Twilight Guardians moved to MGAWOW in order to discuss many things with the admins there. 

After a couple of days, the leaders of the Twilight Guardians felt it was time to test the waters and try out MGAWOW, so they went back to get others from their guild to try it out as well.  Everyone was impressed!  It was such an improvement compared to the last realms they had adventured on, that the whole guild once again made the transfer over, as well as some members from other guilds, and even some horde guilds came!  

But alas, it wasn't meant to be, the server was not capable of handling a higher population and any attempts at 25 man instances with our guild were met with lag crashes.  We had to wander again in search of a home capable of meeting our requirements for fun.  Full scripting, the best working content available for class spells and quests, no lag, and a fair and hard working group of admins.  It was in World of Bloodcraft that we found those ideals.  There we had a home where TG flourished in raids, PvP and most importantly, enjoyed WoW the way it is supposed to be, with friends and family.  And with Elune's grace, we remained there a good long while!

However, as the saying goes, all good things come to an end.  Lack of progression led to boredom, and with that, drama set in causing fractures between the members of one of the greatest guilds known to private server WoW.  Factions developed within the guild, drama infiltrated all levels of the guild and over a prolonged period things fell appart.  Despite the best efforts of many, there was just too much broken to fix.  Many went their separate ways and TG was no more.  But despite the sadness and heartbreak of that era, there was also love and friendships forged.  Many of us still stay in contact through other means on social media or other games.  Some of us even stay in touch on other private servers and on retail.  TG raised to the level of Camelot in its remarkable utopian prominence. We all look back with fondness to its glory days and dream of a time we can again experience something so amazing.

Guardians for life, tender memories for ever.